It’s Not Just a Game…

If you haven’t noticed, I love football. For those that haven’t heard why yet, (and even for those that have) I’m sure I come across as an absolute nut job akin to Robert De Niro’s Silver Linings Playbook character. I always loved it as a kid, but didn’t have any true connections to a team after my first move to Korea. As an adult after the inception of the Baltimore Ravens, football was like a friend to me when I felt alone and homesick after moving back to Korea again. The #ravensflock fandom energy carried across an ocean and made me feel just a bit closer to home. Flacco’s Jersey was the very first NFL Jersey I purchased…and sadly my last because we deemed I brought bad luck when I wore it on game day. I was proudly “wacko for Flacco” as they like to say, but I had no problem expressing disappointment as well. He always remained a class act. He doesn’t have enough personality they say…no, he’s just truly a humble human being. If you ever questioned this, it’s even more apparent now in his handling of what will clearly ultimately be his departure. I’ll never forget the Mile High Miracle. I’ll never forget ALL of those many playoff games I got to see my team have a shot at. I’ll always remember your ability to quietly, but explosively send the ball all the way. I’ll try to get over how this departure came about and I hope you just go off with your next team! Football isn’t just a game. It’s about the people. It’s like reading a book. All of the emotions mass amounts of people get to feel from reading the book ultimately connect you by the emotion and experience you all now share. You’re rooting for the good guy to save the day. You’re rooting for love. You’re rooting for…your team…together. It’s not just a game❤️

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